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Sunrooms & More is a full service, factory trained and nationally recognized sunroom design studio where your designer starts the process by taking photos of your home and your yard and then creates both sun studies and virtual renditions of how your new room will look on your home. They will design your space based on the way you want to use it, the style of furniture you choose to have in it and how you want it to interact with the rest of your home. After all, your new room should be that special place; the space you never want to leave!

A Four Seasons sunroom is a space that maintains energy efficiency and has passive qualities while at the same time, offering you a light filled place in your home of exceptional value and quality. LEARN MORE

What’s the difference between a Four Seasons room and Multi Season Room?

Oklahoma climates demand a certain type of sunroom or patio room. Multi season, three season and part time patio are spaces that cannot be used comfortably when the outside temperature is either to cold or too hot. In Oklahoma that amounts to at least six months of the year. And the six months it’s closed is the longest six months of all. These “part-time” rooms typically are constructed of plastic or other non-eco friendly materials and aside from the energy inefficiencies, the return on investment is needless to say, less than adequate. Furthermore, it’s fairly uncommon to find materials within the organic structure of a part time room that blend with existing homes, which is the primary reason that part time rooms take on a “mobile home” feel. After all, your new room should look and feel like it’s always been part of your home and not some afterthought. Oklahoma residents also know that the brutal winters and steamy summers can play havoc on a structure that isn’t designed for this climate. And nobody likes to buy anything twice.

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